Artificial grass cleaning services

Cheshire Carpet Revival are your local professional, friendly artificial grass cleaning company. We're a family owned business based in Northwich and service all of Cheshire including Knutsford, Wilmslow, Middlewich, Winsford, Alderley Edge, Warrington and all surrounding areas.

So, your artificial grass looked amazing when it was laid, the pile stood up and it looked pristine, but now the kids have played football on it, the dog has used it as a toilet, it's covered in leaves and there's moss and weeds growing in it!

This is something we come across daily at Cheshire Carpet Revival. We have the tools, chemicals and knowledge to give you the grass you loved back!

Our artificial grass cleaning services are explained below.

Artificial grass revival service

Our Revival service is a cost effective maintenance clean and pile resetting service designed to keep your artificial grass looking its best. During the service we will spray a solution that will kill weeds, moss and algae whilst also sanitising, deoderising and neutralising any pet urine that may be trapped within the grass.

We will then remove any dirt and debris from your grass using one of our power brushes. This stage resets the pile of your grass to make it look like new.

This service it recommended a minimum of twice annually, but ideally it should be completed four times per year to keep your grass looking at its best and prevent the risk of moss/algae build up and the pile becoming permanently flattened.

Artificial grass cleaning 1 Northwich
Artificial grass cleaning 2 Northwich

Deep cleaning service

For artificial grass that is suffering from heavy moss and weed growth we carry out our deep clean service.

During this service we will power wash your grass, removing moss, algae, weeds and dirt and debris. Your grass will then be power brushed and treated to prevent re-growth of moss, algae and weeds.