mattress cleaning services

Cheshire Carpet Revival are your local professional, friendly mattress cleaning company. We're a family owned business based in Northwich and service all of Cheshire including Knutsford, Wilmslow, Middlewich, Winsford, Alderley Edge, Warrington and all surrounding areas.

At Cheshire Carpet Revival we believe in a good nights sleep. Mattress cleanliness is essential to maintain good air quality and to prevent the risk of allergies and itching. You spend around one third of your life in bed, this means mattresses become heavily contaminated from bodily fluids, oils and dead skin cells, dust mites as well as bacteria, all of these can lead to un-hygienic conditions for the user and a poor nights sleep, it's likely your mattress is one of the least hygienic areas in your home.

Unfortunately mattresses are not designed to be cleaned easily by the user, meaning professional cleaning is always a more thorough and efficient cleaning method. Cleaning your mattress regularly will not only provide you with the benefit of a more hygienic environment, but will also extend the life of your mattress. Let Cheshire Carpet Revival revive your mattresses today and aid a good nights sleep.

Our 4 stage industry standard cleaning process is explained below.

Stage 1


Vacuuming thoroughly will remove any loose debris and dead skin cells that may be hiding in your bed, this is the perfect preparation for the following cleaning stages.

Mattress cleaning Northwich

Stage 2

Pre Spray

Our specifically designed pre spray will be used to kill bacteria and bed mites that may be present. Our pre-spray will also neutralise urine stains and brighten the appearance of your mattress. Mattresses are notoriously hard to bring back to perfect condition, at Cheshire Carpet Revival we use the finest chemicals available to give us the best chance of enhancing the appearance of your mattress, however, where stains cannot be removed fully you can be assured that your mattress is perfectly clean and free from dirt and bacteria.

Stage 3


Agitation is used to ensure the fibers of the mattress are fully coated in the pre-spray solution, this aids the pre-spray in breaking down to the contamination within the mattress fibers.

Agitation will be undertaken by hand, utilising either a horse hair brush or soft drill brush, depending on the delicacy of the fibers of your mattress.

Mattress cleaning Northwich 2

Stage 4

Hot water extraction

The Hot water extraction stage is sometimes referred to 'steam cleaning' due to the hot water that is used. This stage is primarily used to thoroughly remove the pre-spray and leave your mattresses in the perfect condition. Removing the pre-spray correctly means your mattresses are less likely to attract dirt quickly again - something we regularly see when less powerful carpet cleaning machines, or DIY cleaning machines or methods have been used.

For this stage we use our specifically designed mattress and upholstery tool to make certain of the best possible clean and to leave your mattress as dry as possible (drying times are 4-6 hours).