Carpet Cleaning knutsford

Cheshire Carpet Revival are your local professional, friendly carpet cleaning company. We're a family owned business covering Knutsford and all surrounding areas.

Carpets can quickly become one of the dirtiest parts of your home, harboring, dirt, grease, oil, hair and bacteria amongst other things. Regular professional cleaning to keep them fresh and hygienic is important to provide a clean environment for you and you family to live in, but also to maintain and extend the life of an expensive item that causes huge disruption when they require replacing.

The NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) recommend to have your carpets cleaned a minimum of once every twelve months, maintaining your carpets in this manner will extend their life and allow you and your family to live in the most hygenic environment possible.

At Cheshire Carpet Revival we follow industry standard best practice cleaning methods using only UK supplied cleaning chemicals that utilise next generation cleaning technology. Combining these revolutionary chemicals with commercial cleaning equipment gives excellent results first time leaving you with cleaner carpets. We use only commercial grade machinery to minimise drying times and disruption to your house. If you need carpet cleaning services in Knutsford then be sure to give us a call.

Our 7 stage cleaning process that sets us apart from other cleaning companies is explained below.
Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge vacuuming

Stage 1


Vacuuming is an important part of the cleaning process. Up to 85% of soiling within a carpet can be solids, these solids can be removed by thorough vacuuming. Removing these before vacuuming allows the cleaning solutions to work more effectively, providing you with a deeper clean.

Stage 2


The pre spray is a cleaning solution that we match to the specific fibers of your carpet to ensure safe, effective cleaning.

Our technicians will identify the fibers of your carpet during the pre-inspection, most likely they will identify them through experience, where there is any doubt they will carry out a test to confirm the fiber before pre spraying with the correct solution.

Once applied the pre spray goes straight to work breaking down the remaining dirt, oils and greases left in your carpet ready for them to be extracted.

Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge pre spray application
Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge stain removal

Stage 3

Stain removal

Our technicians will look for any areas of staining during the pre inspection and may ask you questions about any they find. Identifying what has caused the problem can increase our chances of removing the stain.

Whilst not every stain can be removed our technicians expert training and the wide range of spotting solutions we carry can usually vastly reduce or remove stains. (We include two areas up to a combined size of A5 within our pricing, anymore than this and charges may apply).

We also carry urine neutraliser to all our jobs for when accidents have happened. Our UV light will identify areas of contamination so we can treat them thoroughly (Extra charges apply).

Stage 4


This is a very important step and one often missed by other carpet cleaning companies due to the time it takes and the cost of the equipment.

Agitation should be carried out once the pre spray has been applied and dwell time has been allowed so the pre spray can start to break down the dirt, oils and greases. Agitation means the whole carpet fiber is coated with the cleaning solution and moved vigorously from side to side to loosen and stubborn soiling.

The stage also helps with revitalising the carpet pile.

Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge agitation
Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge hot water extraction

Stage 5

Hot water extraction

This step is more commonly known as Steam Cleaning.

During this stage we inject high pressure, high temperature water with a rinsing agent into your carpet to remove the pre spray and any soiling. This dirty solution is then immediately sucked out safely into our waste tanks which remain on the van.

We use a 50% overlap cleaning method meaning each part of your carpet is rinsed at least twice to ensure they are as clean as possible when we leave.

Due to the commercial grade machinery we use our drying times are minimal.

Stage 6

Stain protection (optional)

For Ultimate piece of mind we offer stain protection services to all our customers.

Stain protection not only protects your carpets from everyday spills and accidents but also acts as a dirt barrier, this ensures your carpets are easier to clean and also means when they are next professionally cleaned they have a greater chance of coming back to an excellent state. (extra charges apply for stain protection)

Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge stain protection
Carpet cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge odour removal

Stage 7


Our final stage is application of our premium fragrance.

We understand homes are lived in and animals, kids and cooking etc can sometimes leave unwanted smells in your home. That's why we carry scents based on men's and women's fragrances that last for days and weeks, not hours like other carpet cleaning companies.

We leave your home smelling fresh and clean. (fragrancing is included in the service, but we also offer bottle of scents to purchase as they're so popular with our clients! Ask our technicians for details).