Carpet Cleaning Northwich

Cheshire Carpet Revival are your local professional, friendly carpet cleaning company. We're a family owned business based in Northwich and service all of Cheshire including Northwich and all surrounding areas.

Just as our clothes need regular cleaning to keep them fresh and hygienic, carpets and upholstered furniture need to be maintained in the same way. Regular professional cleaning ensures the removal of soiling, along with any harmful bacteria, in a safe and practical way. The NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) recommend to have your carpets cleaned a minimum of once every twelve months, this regular cleaning can significantly extend a carpets life expectancy and keeps your living environment fresh.

At Cheshire Carpet Revival we follow industry standard best practice cleaning methods using only UK supplied cleaning chemicals that utilise next generation cleaning technology. Combining these revolutionary chemicals with commercial cleaning equipment gives excellent results first time leaving you with cleaner carpets. If you are looking for Carpet Cleaner Northwich we provide a first class customer service.

Our 7 stage cleaning process that sets us apart from other cleaning companies is explained below.
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Stage 1


Did you know that up to 85% of soiling in a carpet is solids? These solids can eventually lead to a carpet trapping its own weight in dirt! This soil and dirt is harmful to your carpets and will reduce their life expectancy. By thoroughly vacuuming we can remove the majority of this dirt, enabling our cleaning products to work more effectively and provide a better clean for you.

During this stage our Cleansmart approved technicians will also inspect your carpets for condition and any potential problem areas.

Stage 2

Pre Spray

Our high power pre-sprays work to break down any residual soiling left in the carpet after vacuuming. We have a number of pre-sprays to suit different carpet fibers. Our technicians will match the perfect pre-spray to your carpets based upon the carpet composition and level of soiling. This approach ensures your carpets remain safe from damage whilst being cleaned thoroughly.

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Carpet cleaning Stain removal Northwich and Tarporley

Stage 3

Stain removal

Our technicians will ask if there are any specific areas of concern for you where there may have been previous spills or marks. It's always helpful for us to know what these stains are and if previous cleaning has been attempted. We will then tailor our approach to the chemicals and method we use to remove the stain. Whilst not every stain can be removed from a carpet it's highly likely we will be able to remove, or significantly reduce the appearance of stains. Our vast array of cleaning spotters mean we are ready to tackle these stains correctly.

We all have pets and children at home and at Cheshire Carpet Revival we're aware that accidents can happen, that's why we carry urine neutraliser to every job. Urine crystalises as it dries and becomes very high pH, which can lead to long term fabric damage. With the aid of a UV light we can identify and neutralise this, giving you back a hygienic carpet (urine neutralisation is subject to extra charges).

Stage 4


Agitation is required for some carpets to fully coat their fibers in pre-spray solution, this agitation ensures full coverage to the base of the fiber.

For this stage we use a commercial CRB (contra rotating brush) to ensure thorough application of the pre spray.

Our technicians will assess if this is the correct method for your carpets based on their pile length, composition, age and condition.

Carpet cleaning agitation Northwich and Tarporley
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Stage 5

Hot Water Extraction

Some carpet cleaning companies will bring their machines into your home to carry out the cleaning. At Cheshire Carpet Revival we have invested in commercial grade cleaning machines that mean we keep our equipment van mounted for the vast majority of our cleans, only bringing them to your doorstep when parking in front of your home is not possible. This means a quieter, less intrusive experience and faster drying times (around 2-4 hours) for you and also drastically cuts down the time it takes for us to clean, meaning you can get back to doing the things you want sooner!

The Hot water extraction stage is sometimes referred to 'steam cleaning' due to the hot water that is used. This stage is primarily used to thoroughly remove the pre-spray and leave your carpets in the perfect condition. Removing the pre-spray correctly means your carpets are less likely to attract dirt quickly again - something we regularly see when less powerful carpet cleaning machines, or DIY cleaning machines have been used.

Stage 6 (Optional)

Stain protection

For the ultimate protection for your carpets it's recommended that you treat your carpets with stain guard.

Our professional, safe-for-wool, water-based fluorocarbon carpet and upholstery protector and anti static treatment protects against both oil-based, water based and dry soils.

*Extra charges apply for stain protection

Carpet cleaning stain protection Northwich and Tarporley
Pet stain and Odour removal Northwich and Tarporley

Stage 7


We understand family homes can generate unwanted smells, that's why as part of our process we offer all our customers a choice of scents that will leave your home smelling amazing and help destroy odours. Our scents are specifically designed to last days and weeks, not the usual hours you get with less premium fragrances.

Our fragrances are all based on well known women's and men's perfumes/aftershaves and also act as deodorisers that work to break down bad smells, not just mask them.

The only question is which one will you choose?