Upholstery cleaning Knutsford

Cheshire Carpet Revival are your local professional, friendly upholstery and leather cleaning company. We're a family owned business and service all of Cheshire including Knutsford and Alderley Edge and all surrounding areas.

Upholstery is an expensive purchase and looking after it correctly by having it cleaned professionally can extend its life significantly, as well as offering all the benefits of removing soiling and any harmful bacteria, in a safe and practical way. At Cheshire Carpet Revival we follow industry standard best practice cleaning methods using only UK supplied cleaning chemicals that utilise next generation cleaning technology. Combining these revolutionary chemicals with commercial cleaning equipment and fully trained technicians gives you better results first time.

Our 5 stage cleaning process that sets us apart from other cleaning companies is explained below.
Upholstery cleaning Knutsford Alderley edge pre vacuuming

Stage 1


The vacuuming stage of upholstery cleaning is important to allow removal of solid debris and it also allows our technicians time to inspect your upholstery for any issues.

Stage 2

Pre spray

Our UK manufactured Pre-Sprays that are tailored to your material are applied and immediately get to work breaking down soiling and bacteria in preparation for hot water extraction or VLM (Very low moisture cleaning).

Upholstery cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge pre spray application
Upholstery cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge agitation

Stage 3


Once the pre Spray has been applied and allowed dwelling time gentle agitation is undertaken (where the material is suitable) to fully break down and soiling on or within the fibers.

Stage 4

Hot Water Extraction

Using our dedicated recirculating upholstery tool we inject hot water into the upholstery where it mixes with the soiling that is suspended within the pre spray before being vacuumed safely away into the waste tank of our commercial cleaning machine, leaving your upholstery clean and fresh.

If very low moisture cleaning is used (VLM) we follow the same process but use a cotton bonnet contact method to remove the dirt and soiling from your upholstery.

Sofa cleaning Knutsford Alderley Edge hot water extraction
Sofa cleaning odour removal Knutsford Alderley Edge

Stage 5


Nobody likes bad smells, but at Cheshire Carpet Revival we understand that busy lives, pets and children can sometime cause them in our homes, that's why we offer free deoderising with all our services.

All our scents are based on premium men's and women's fragrances. Your only problem will be deciding which scent you want!